Connecting Subsea Cables and Satellites for Global Oceans Health Monitoring

The MIT Flagship Project K2D

This session is aimed at discussing the development of an unprecedented oceans monitoring system at the global scale. By taking advantage of the worldwide existing infrastructure of submarine communications cables, the novel monitoring system will be based on basic environmental variables as a standard. Additionally, it will develop a persistent and widespread presence of underwater autonomous vehicles, monitoring stations and other relevant sensors. Coupled with space systems, information and other essential variables, the data retrieved is intended to allow the mapping and monitoring of natural and human activities as well as earth systems vital variables which are critical for sustainability, prosperity and environmental equilibrium in the Atlantic and other areas of the planet.

Within the context of the MIT Portugal flagship project under development named K2D – Knowledge and Data from the Deep to Space, the first insights and proposed concepts will be presented. By addressing the current state of knowledge on Ocean environmental monitoring and health, the panelists will address the main challenges posed to the implementation of global environmental monitoring systems for Oceans, and their relation to both subsea cables and space systems

Contribute to the alignment of “ocean observation efforts as to better understand the Atlantic Ocean and to promote the sustainable management of its resources


The event is finished.


Jun 02 2021


11:30 am - 1:00 pm

More Info

IB-S, University of Minho and MIT


IB-S, University of Minho and MIT

Other Organizers

INESC-TEC, CINTAL, University of Azores, AIR Centre, MIT Portugal, dstelecom, University of Minho
INESC-TEC, CINTAL, University of Azores, AIR Centre, MIT Portugal, dstelecom, University of Minho
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