Welcome to the

All-Atlantic Pledging Campaign!

The well-being of present and future generations relies on our collective effort:

now is the time to act.

The All-Atlantic Pledging Campaign is a long-term initiative to collect voluntary, result-oriented, personal or institutional commitments to contribute to provide solutions to the many challenges that the Atlantic Ocean holds for people living on its shores and consolidate them on an Atlantic Ocean scale, always taking into account specific local, national and regional contexts. The campaign is taking place thanks to an online collaborative platform for advancing or initiating cooperation in the Atlantic region aimed at advancing the so called All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance and the implementation of the Galway Statement (2013) and the Belém Statement (2018) as well as the bilateral Administrative Arrangements between the European Commission and Argentina (2018), Cape Verde (2018) and Morocco (2020).

The All-Atlantic Pledging Campaign has two main objectives: (1) showcase the already ongoing cooperation as an example of the result of science diplomacy efforts (including being a model for the UN Decade of Ocean Science) and (2) promote further synergies between ongoing which may lead to future activities.

Under the motto “TIME TO ACT: The Atlantic Ocean needs more than flowing words” institutions and stakeholders from along and across the Atlantic Ocean are invited to commit their research and innovation solutions in response to common challenges to better understand, care and protect our threatened Atlantic Ocean in one the following thematic areas:

Ocean Health: climate variability and ecosystem approaches

Ocean Technology

Ocean observation, forecasting and monitoring

Marine pollution

Food security, ocean resources and biodiversity

Polar research

There are several benefits for the pledging parties to participate in the campaign. Pledges are a very effective communication channel to engage stakeholders, strengthen collaboration, promote joint actions, mobilize partnerships, establish dialogues, and showcase achievements for a wider audience. Moreover, pledges may demonstrate how individuals and institutions can lead the way towards a sustainable future and get credit for being a driver for change.

Access the All-Atlantic Pledging campaign here and find out more on the reasons to join, the pledges criteria and the already submitted pledges.

All pledgers will be invited to participate in a closed workshop (by-invitation only) on June 3rd entitled “All-Atlantic R&I solutions” with the aim to promote synergies among the different pledged solutions, by strengthening even more the All-Atlantic2021 Conference and the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance motto of “Connecting, Acting, Cooperating”. These synergies will start to be identified at the workshop and be included in a later cohorts of the All-Atlantic Pledging Campaign. This workshop will be streamed at the All-Atlantic2021 YouTube and Facebook accounts.