The All-Atlantic2021 – All-Atlantic R&I for a Sustainable Ocean: Ministerial High-Level & Stakeholders Conference will take place under the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union, in close cooperation with the European Commission, aiming to strengthen Research & Innovation cooperation across and along the Atlantic Ocean, from “pole to pole”.

The event will be a step forward in the work developed by the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance, bringing together Ministries, high-level representatives and ocean leaders, including researchers, youth, entrepreneurs, academics, and civil society.

It will be an opportunity to discuss the progress of the current All-Atlantic marine research and innovation cooperation, and launch an All-Atlantic Pledging Platform as a new approach to the existing cooperation and to deliver solutions to accelerate the twin green and digital transitions, building a greener, fairer, and a more resilient society. Discussions on the new methodologies for ocean observation and ecosystems-based management linked to digitalization processes represent an important innovative step towards the integration of the Ocean-Space-Climate-Food nexus, contributing to Ocean Sustainability.


    CONNECT, engage and bring together the Atlantic Ocean Community – from Pole to Pole


    Identify and find common priorities and ACT together: All-Atlantic2021 Pledging Platform


    COOPERATE for a stronger All-Atlantic towards a sustainable use of the Atlantic Ocean.

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